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How to Increase eCommerce SEO Sales with a High Performance Keyword Strategy

f you rely on eCommerce sales growth from your website, your eCommerce SEO sales will often deliver the highest proportion of revenue and at the best return on investment. So one of the fastest ways to increase your eCommerce sales is to use advanced keyword strategies proven to deliver multi-million-pound incremental sales growth from award-winning?Digital […]

5 Reasons Your Website Isn?t Ranking (And How To Fix Them)

You?ve launched your website, written engaging content and you?re ready for an influx of visitors to start engaging and ultimately convert. On paper, everything looks good. In practice, however, your website isn?t ranking for its target keywords, or for any keywords at all. Why not? While the basics of SEO might seem simple – write […]

The value of user experience design for brands with ecommerce websites

Most marketers are familiar with the concept of user experience (UX) design in relation to their brand and ecommerce website. But many may not necessarily have had the opportunity to examine the real value it can bring for their customers, their brand and their business. What is user experience design? Putting the mindset and perspective […]

Mobile SEO and Speed: Google?s Latest Update

Earlier this year Google announced that on the 9th of July they would be implementing a significant change in how it ranked websites for mobile searches. The adeptly named??Speed Update??now means that Google will include the mobile site speed as one of it?s considerations for which webpages are ranked in the search results. Photo credit:?Google […]

How to Assess & Clean Up Your Backlinks to Avoid Google SEO Penalties

Backlinks have long been regarded as one of the key ranking signals in terms of SEO, essentially, they represent a ?vote of confidence? from one website to another. This conveys to Search Engines that a website or landing page is worth linking to, and therefore worth returning in the SERPS. As Google states that its […]

New Google Search Console Updates

If you?re a regular follower of our contributions, you may have read one of our articles earlier in the year discussing the?new Google Search Console beta roll out?and what we can expect from it. Well following on from said update, Google has now officially announced the full rollout of the new version of Google Search […]

Semantic Search: What It Is & Why It Matters for SEO Today

In 2010, optimizing for search engines meant snapping up as many backlinks as possible and including more keywords than side dishes at a Thanksgiving dinner. Back then, SEO meant understanding how search engines generated results so that we could reverse-engineer content that ranks higher. Today, search engine understanding has evolved, and we?ve changed how we […]