The Power of Landing Pages – tips for reaching your customers during the Corona Virus

Landing Pages are quick to make and very cost-effective

During this time we are all feeling the impact of the Corona Virus. We’re no different, we’ve seen a number of clients having to pull-back the reigns of spending. The problem, of course, is to maintain enquiries and keep the opportunities for sales coming in. This is where a good landing page can really help you… choose one key service or a key selling product and we’ll create for you a heavily focused web page designed to attract attention and to be a lead generator. This can be turned around in 24 hours and cost very little, from only £325 (see our special Corona Virus page), we’re also doubling up our services for free… take a Landing Page package and we’ll design for you an email campaign – for free!

Why have a Landing Page?

They’re Super Focused
A good landing page has one objective: prompting visitors to complete the one action you want them to perform. This is why many landing pages don’t have menus or lots of external links, you want your visitor to complete the call to action, not get distracted or go away altogether.

Landing Pages Keep Scrolling to a Minimum
It can be great to include additional information about your offer on a page, but visitors should have everything they need, including the CTA button, without scrolling.

Landing Pages Use Relevant, Engaging Visuals
Amazing design requires interesting images. No matter how simple your offer, you need something to break up the text. Your images should be engaging and relevant. They should also encourage the visitors’ eyes to scan the landing page and settle on the CTA button.

Landing Pages Maintain Consistent Branding
Your landing page design should be consistent with your overall look so visitors can instantly recognise and associate it with your brand. It can be a tough line to walk though because landing pages should look different from your overall website—they’re generally simpler and don’t include navigation, for example. Nonetheless, branding and colours will often remain the same.

They Use F or Z Patterns
Research shows that most people’s eyes move around a website in an F or Z pattern. The best landing page design usually takes these patterns into account. For instance, having a vertical visual on the left with the header on the top right and the CTA button a little lower on the right allows visitors to follow an F pattern—and end up with their eyes right on your CTA.

Need sales asap?

Imagine you have trained a new salesperson to speak with your important target audience and that they start to liaise well with your potential customers, they know your product inside out.

Imagine further still that you have provided this highly trained and capable salesperson with excellent sales aids, materials that help sell the product or service. This salesperson Would become successful! This is the power of well-designed landing pages, they are a wonderful tool of the content marketing approach.  Your website also needs to engage your visitors and equip potential customers with clear messages and all they need to make an enquiry, but this can take lots of time and money.  A Landing Page does this quickly and cheaply.



A well-designed landing page can help with search position, message delivery and visitor conversion.  Landing pages can be designed for all of your specialised marketing initiatives;

You could have . . .

  • Landing pages for your products
  • Landing pages for your services
  • Landing pages that speak properly to your target audience – your ideal audience.
  • Prevent landing page distractions – distractions hurt sales.
  • Stack the deck in your favour – capture attention, turn visitors into customers.
  • Use a landing page to increase traffic to your website.
  • Gain a higher search engine position.
  • Unlock fresh ideas to help you to set up items of value to your target audience.
  • Ensure that your landing pages mesh with your traffic generation mechanisms.
  • Use a landing page to prevent the ineffective use of your marketing dollars.
  • Market to the right specific audience.

Do you measure the conversion rate of your key pages? Are your sales what they could be? Consider how a change in conversion from 1% to 2% is effectively like doubling your traffic. If you have a service that you need to promote during this Corona Virus crisis then get in touch, we’ll help you.  Simple things can make a big difference.

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