Creating the business case to invest in a new website

Deciding whether to design a new website takes time and a lot of deliberation.

It can be expensive. It can be time-consuming. And it can frustrate both you and your customers. So, why do it? Because it makes sense. Business sense.

There are tons of reasons customers come to ACTISmedia to help them launch a new website. So, we thought we?d share some of the most common reasons for which the business case for an upgrade is usually approved.

1. Declining analytics
We know from experience that sometimes the ?look? is everything for a client. Yet sometimes robust, trustworthy web processes are key.

And sometimes it?s both.

A pretty website is useless if it?s not delivering the desired results. Your website exists to build your customer base, and your data should show you?re trending towards that goal.

If you aren?t happy with your results, it?s time to redesign. Ask yourself:

Do the on-page CTA?s convert visitors into leads and customers?
Do your landing pages inspire people to contact you or click again for further info?
How well written is the copy ? is it still punchy and effective?
Does your site?s look and feel match your company?s voice and speak directly to your target audience?

2. No longer easy to browse
Sounds pretty obvious, huh? But often, this is the case.

You?ve probably stumbled across websites that are now really out of date and hard to browse through intuitively. Your site might not be on that level, but it still might not be as user-friendly as possible. The truth is, there can be elements of a site that aren?t effective ? and you may not realise.

Functionality should be your main focus, otherwise, your web traffic and the number of enquiries or sales could suffer. These are simple questions that will give an indication as to whether it is time to re-design:

Can a visitor easily find the most basic things on your site, such as contact information?
Is your site navigation confusing?
How easily can important content be seen?
Are your product and service offers still up-to-date, attractive and appealing to buy?

3. Increased use of mobile devices
It?s not surprising that more than 52% of all web traffic comes from mobile. So, if your site isn?t responsive yet, you could be losing leads and maybe even customers! Web analytics, talking to your customers and ensuring you are ahead of your competitors will help you decide when the time is right to upgrade to a new website.

User scrolls through mobile website
More than half of web traffic comes from mobile, so your site needs to be responsive.

4. Ease of adding new content
Telling your story is one thing. Making it inspiring is levelling up.

Having engaging content on your site can improve everything from customer retention to SEO.

As search engines continue to change their algorithms, it?s become even more vital that it?s easy to add fresh, engaging content on a regular basis ? but quality content is useless if your visitors can?t readily find it.

If you?re planning to introduce changes to your content strategy, ensuring news is published more regularly, a new website may be a good idea. Here are some key questions:

Can your customers easily find your content?
Does your content incorporate calls-to-action?
Can the search engines find and index your content?

5. Competitors
Are your competitor?s websites putting yours to shame either design or performance wise? If so, maybe it?s time for an update? If they?ve made changes that improve their rankings substantially, inevitably it will end up pushing you down in organic search results ? so perhaps it?s time to switch things up?

6. Web tools and functionality
When you first launched your site, you might have incorporated third-party tools to improve functionality. But, if some (or all) of these tools on your site aren?t up to modern functionality standards, it?s 100% time to update them.

This can sometimes be done as a simple upgrade, but more often than not, it highlights other functional downfalls which support the business case for a full overhaul.

Ask yourself these questions to decide whether you need to replace or remove some tools:

How are these third-party tools working?
Are they slowing your site speed down?
Are new-and-improved versions now available?
Marketing team build website plan
A proper plan will help you ensure your website delivers objectives.
Identifying with the above scenarios shouldn?t cause you to lose your marbles and dive deep into a panicked redesign. However, realising that a few have hit close to home might mean it?s time to get cracking on a new website.

If you?re already considering a redesign, it?s likely you?ve learned a fair amount along the way about what doesn?t work well in the design process.

Going forward, instead of having one massive goal of a website redesign, you may opt to take an iterative approach. This can help you use the info you?ve gathered about what works on your current site and plan accordingly. Basically, you?ll be able to tell if your current users? needs are being met.

You probably don?t even notice the small changes some of the sites you visit frequently make on a regular basis ? major brands have entire teams dedicated to iterating on every little detail. Since you may not have as many resources, be sure every change you make has a clear purpose and solves a problem. Questions like these can help you decide if you have a clear purpose and problem to solve:

Will customers be upset by a major overhaul?
Do you have all the answers you need from your customers to make a significant change?
Can you reduce costs by making small changes to a major feature?
Your website is meant to bring your business. If it?s not doing that, it?s time to determine why and make the necessary changes.

What to do next?
If you?re ready to take the next step with your marketing, ACTISmedia can help you to deliver something that really engages with the people who matter most, your customers.

Pop in for a chat, whenever suits you, to help us understand your business and what you need your new website to deliver.

We?ll get the kettle on!

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