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At ACTIS, we are passionate about design. Grabbing the attention of visitors and helping them make informed decisions. We’ve been doing this for what seems like an age, but our enthusiasm never wanes.

Since 1996, I’ve been fortunate to work on hundreds of projects over the years, first working for Melchior of Nottingham on many Church of England projects, education sites for Channel 4 and Culham College, Nottingham University and INSEAD of Paris. More recently, projects for clients such as the BBC’s Top of the Pops magazine, Hearst Publishing’s Boots, Polo Ralph Lauren and more. But it is with Melchior and my time with ACTISmedia that I have had the most pleasure, helping the Church, charities, and SME’s make the most of the web. When leading ACTISmedia I have one goal, to honour God in all our decisions, work, finance, and how we advise our customers. There simply is no other way.

Writing about oneself isn’t something I enjoy: I take more pleasure in talking about colleagues, friends, and family, which in turn will hint at the person I am, so…

I was born in Derby, so quite naturally, I’m a Liverpool F.C. fan and can readily be seen singing along to the TV when Mo Salah goes off on one of his runs. Sadly, I long-ago hung-up my boots to focus on paid work and after time with CCN (now Experian), and Boots, I was asked whether I’d like to be a Website Designer, to which my response was, “what’s a website designer?” The thing is, I wasn’t kidding. I was vaguely aware of the web (some would say this is still the case :)) – which is fair, the year was 1996. Given the chance to learn by Martin & Margaret (M&M) of Melchior Telematics was perhaps the best opportunity ever afforded to me and I am grateful. Sitting in a back-bedroom on a fold-away table with a 28.8k modem I learned the basics of what the web was about. For ten happy years, we worked together as a team working on projects for clients including The Church of England, Culham College, Channel 4 Education, INSEAD, the Jerusalem Trust, and many more. Interestingly, I honour M&M in the very logo for ACTISmedia… Actis was a Greek chappie (or more properly, in Greek mythology) who killed their brother who was always ahead of the crowd… (now I’m not saying this is the reason for choosing Actis!!) but Actis did build the city of Heliopolis in Egypt? o honour his father Helios, and it was from him that the Egyptians learned astrology. Working with Melchior certainly meant were able to look to the stars and stay ahead where much of the web was: Martin also has a liking for butterflies (Actis is also a synonym of the butterfly genus Pilodeudorix). In addition to all this, ACTIS is a place in California, a mere 320 miles by road to Silicon Valley, so I thought what better way to pay tribute to a chap whom I admire and have much to thank for than to encompass my thanks into a logo that I do hope symbolises?my company, building great things and taking the very chrysalis of an idea and letting it come to fruition into a beautiful butterfly. Simple really, when you think about it.

In the 1990’s I came to faith, giving my life to Jesus Christ in a little Baptist church in Beeston, Nottingham. This has become a life-long journey of discovering God and who I am in God. Working out purpose, understanding that life certainly can have hope running right through its core, and having the joy of being part of local church fellowships, John Clifford Baptist Church, Mansfield Road Baptist Church, and more recently the King’s Fellowship in Arnold. I have been richly blessed with two children (Rachel who is now 21 years old) and Samuel (6 years old), and an utterly beautiful wife, Sharon. Family life is fundamentally important to me and running ACTISmedia means I can be the very same person I am home as I at work… I’m not joking, all we do as a family is intended to honour God.

Many businesses like to focus on integrity and creativity, of ‘being interested’ in their clients… for us here at ACTISmedia this is genuinely the case. When we come alongside our customers we do so to provide for them the very best of services, where integrity and support are second nature. This doesn’t mean we’re immune from making mistakes as a business, but it does mean we don’t cover things up and we always help explain to our customers what we’re doing and why? Overall, it is an absolute joy to be able to work at ACTISmedia… staying ahead of the curve (just like Actis) and helping not only our clients grow into something better but also ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief ditty. May God bless you.

Andrew M. Elliott. MD for ACTISmedia

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