Don’t opt for one service when you can combine them all!

Dear Nikki

Below is the customised plan for your website.  The aim is to break the work into 3 phases.  To review and asses, to fix and prepare, to create and share.

There is a lot of work to be done, but this will stand you in good stead for the months ahead.

And now, for a spot of marketing blurb:

We use our knowledge of web services to create marketable content to distribute across multiple web-channels, all in a bid to improve your search visibility. This transparent and measurable service will save your team time, and keep marketing costs under control.

We build you an online presence, to get more eye-balls, all with the aim of increasing conversions.

What we do…

  • A thorough assessment of your online activity
  • A road map for how to improve
  • A monthly fixed and transparent programme of actions
  • Improve SEO, CRO, UX
  • Create highly optimised content for your website, Landing Pages, blog, and Social Media
  • Email campaigns
  • Manage your paid advertising

3 Key Parts…


Before any marketing plans or work starts, it is vital to gain an understanding of your online activity.  We assess;

  • Your onsite SEO
  • Organic rankings
  • Social media
  • Paid advertising
  • Website content scoring
  • Technical set-up (Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.)


The first plan of action is to pick out those tasks which will bear you fruit, and quickly.  This can include;

  • Fixing on-site SEO
  • Turning off or reducing costly PPC
  • Linking-up social media with your website
  • Ensuring Google can correctly read your website


This is a checklist of actionable tasks, and where possible will include a benchmark score, and ongoing scores.

  • From Google Page Speed, to Page Content Scores.
  • Keyword ranking by focus and location.
  • All work can be tracked online in your very own Project Management work area.
  • Monthly assessment, reporting and recommendations on the 03rd of each month (or after the weekend).

Be seen

ACTIS360 is scalable

The aim is to not merely write content, but to ensure that all content takes into account Page Scores and what people are actually searching for, and blend this knowledge into newly written content.  The good news is that you can start small, and once you see improvements across your paid and organic traffic, along with conversions, you can increase your budget to gain a stronger advantage over your competitors.

The benefits…

  1. We manage it all for you
  2. Your marketing will be based around what people want, it won’t be ‘content for contents sake.
  3. A set plan, based around research, with observable outcomes


Support along the way…

  1. We will also include 2 hours per month of website support and changes outside the scope of this work – complete with a 24 hr response time.
  2. You will be provided with your own Trello Project Management work-board. Each phase, particularly the monthly phase 3 work will be tasked by a set date.
  3. We will provide an online Support Area with your own login.  All support requests sent to from any ‘’ email address will automatically be added to this area.
Now we tell you what we’ll actually do

The detail

The table below lists the key tasks for each phase. As you will see, it pretty much covers everything FRA will need to keep on top of content, paid advertising, and organic reach.  It’s marketing knowhow with the technical knowhow. 🙂


The aim for phase 1 is to discover what is working well, and what is not.  To provide a clear set of actionable tasks for phase 2.

Review the website for SEO Score, Page Content Score, Site Speed, Mobile readability

Review all Google settings (ensure Google Analytics, Search Console, Site Maps

Review all keywords, and rankings

Review Google Ads. Cost analysis for each campaign, and then review against keywords and rankings

Review keyword searches within Google Ads campaigns

Review Facebook, LinkedIn content – volume, reach, and quality

Print off each web page and assess content, cross-links, CTA’s, against the reviewed information

Cost and time:
To provide a full review of the website will take between 1 and 2 days.
Cost: £600

Create initial plan for phase 2


The aim for phase 1 is to remedy any issues: including site speed, Google readability. Should there be issues, it will not be cost-effective to launch into creating new content.  The aim here is to get all aspects correct first.

Improve/Fix obvious onsite SEO

Speed-up site, add asset management software to further reduce load baggage

Fundamental: Improve layout for mobile, iron-out any inconsistencies, ensure CTA’s are clear

Fix and Google issues (GA, GC, Sitemaps)

Improving page content score – ensuring each page carries the right number of keywords. Map out cross-linking. This literally means going through each page and using software to assess content with Google and against competitors, and then reworking text, layout, and CTA’s. It’s a necessary and thorough task.

Connect website with social media (i.e. Facebook Pixel)

Change Live Chat to integrate from Facebook, What’sApp, and the website.

Improve LinkedIn and Facebook profiles: ensure each section is completed (About Us, Services etc.).  Add quick form to let people enquire from FB.

Improve social proof within website

Choose ‘cornerstone content’ and add Rich Snippets

Set-up Bing PPC.

Review and improve Google Display campaign

Cost & Time
5 days
£1800 (minus 10% discount £1620)

Create plan for phase 3

Phase 3

A set routine of content creation, improvement, assessment, and reporting. With improvements built-into each new month.
Please note: all created content is first assessed using keyword popularity within Google, actual searches detailed within your Google Ads account, and content score compared with competitors.  No content is ‘merely created’ without this procedure first.  This means all articles we use as a basis will have the relevant content built in.

An initial 3 month content plan.  What the topics will be, targets and aims.  (We’ll need a list of journals etc, sites from which content can be gleaned).

Create 2 Landing Pages per month
(Based around actual Google Ads searches, and connect Google Ads, Blog, and Social Media content)

Create 2 weekly blogs, 2 LinkedIn articles, 2 Facebook articles, 2 Instagram images with links. Connect all to Blog.

Increase number of LinkedIn connections to enable articles to be read more widely.

Monthly assessment and tweaking of Google Ads campaigns. We will also choose 3 online competitors to compare and contrast their campaigns with yours.

Provide on the 03rd of each month: 

  • ‘reach’ statistics for each social media article, blog, Landing Page
  • concise set-standard keyword reach report
  • concise Google Ads report
  • recommendations and tweaks for the following month

Monthly monitoring of page content score.  Comparing against main competitors in a bid to outscore, and ultimately outrank.  This will take into consideration keywords and what people are searching for.

Monthly monitoring of page content score.  Comparing against main competitors in a bid to outscore, and ultimately outrank.

Cost & Time
Day rate is £600.  Options 2-4 below include a 10% discount for agreeing to a fixed-term of 3 months.

This cost will be based around the following options;

  1. Lowering Google Ads work to £300 per month, and reducing time
  2. Content creation, sharing, and linking half-day per week x 4 (half day x 4) £300 x 4 – £1200, minus discount £1080) – Included also is content score work.
  3. Landing Pages per month linked to GA. £250 (minus discount £225)
  4. Assessment and reporting – half a dat £300 (minus discount £240)

My recommendation is to choose at least 2,3, and 4.

Review, improve, and move into the next month