Our specialist services

Our approach is consultative. We take an overview of your online activity and set a roadmap to help you make small percentage improvements across the board. We do this by employing effective;

Members of our team have been creating websites since 1996. In this time we’ve developed a range of services to help organisations reach and engage their online audiences.

Content and keyword research
Website Design
e-Commerce Dev’t
Conversion Optimisation
Email Marketing
Social media campaigns

Our key specialty is e-Commerce. We offer a unique service. We have access to LIVE eBay and Amazon data. This means we can research product sales, knowing what is sold, by whom, for how much and when. Armed with this information your e-Commerce marketing and website can be boosted significantly.

Our Services

1. Consultation

We provide a bespoke consultation service for SMEs and Church & Charities, assessing the current barriers to success and areas for improvement. Our experience in Project Management and understanding processes together with goals and KPIs helps us to stand out from the crowded website design space.

There is no commitment to working with our agency after a consultation (which is why we charge for the service) – your organisation will be armed with a solid briefing document for the year ahead.

The key is to ensure your content, services, or products are given an appropriate voice. A clear road map to plan how to reach numerous people across different channels – it’s not just the website or SEO, this is effective content management.

01. Current successes

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Understanding why some things are going well is important.

02. Current barriers to success

Assessing problems, personnel admin, technical and marketing skills. Evaluating aims & objectives.

03. Understanding competitors

Are you behind or ahead of the game? Just how much work is needed? Measurement is key.

04. The way ahead

A snapshot of your online activity and a roadmap for the next 12 months, including financial restraints and commitments.

Great design means
more customer satisfaction

Our Services

2. Website Design

Website design never stands still and nor do our clients. Ever-changing needs means flexibility and speed are required to produce effective websites.

We have been designing websites for over 20 years. For many it’s about getting the right message delivered to make someone act positively toward what they see. We have 4 carefully developed levels of website design services (excluding e-commerce)…

01. The 14 day website

Nominally for smaller businesses and organisations with the need to have a very good ‘brochure’ website, well thought through but cost effective.

02. Multi-focus, more involved

Many organisations have the need for a more multi-faceted design and varied features.

03. Magazine websites

Bold, effective, mobile-friendly magazine websites require a lot more design for effective user experience. Together with affiliates and marketing.

04. Bespoke programming

From event booking through to questionnaires and responsive driven content… for more dynamic content sharing.

Trends for Christmas 2017: for the first time ever, online spending is set to exceed in-store sales. Plus, UK high street sees sharp decline in shoppers this September. Time for e-Commerce? It certainly is.

Times are changing. Retailers are changing. More than 50% of John Lewis sales were made online in 2015. With more than £60 billion to be spent online that’s an average of £1,372 per person furthermore the change to mobile is becoming more evident too, with the high-street clearly losing out. Smart ecommerce will help your business take advantage of this trend.
Our Services

3. eCommerce

This is where we like to think we have an excellent service to offer. eCommerce has become the mainstay of our business and we have a unique offering for our clients.

We have built both Magento and WooCommerce (WordPress) eCommerce shops for customers selling a wide range of products, including golfing equipment, watches, clothing, gardening products, jewellery, furniture and more. We’ve created swatch tools, integrated email marketing, live customer support, and more.

01. We know what to sell, for how much, and when!

Called Business Intelligence, this kind of information is normally only for the ‘big boys’ such as Tesco and Nectar. But we have access to live data from eBay and Amazon to help any sized business.

02. eCommerce that works – for the customer

Excellent engagement and simple purchasing on PC, tablet or smart-phone – this is what it’s all about.

03. eCommerce that works for the business admin

Easy to up-scale, easy to use, easy… that’s the by-word for our e-Commerce. Plus with out feature rich marketing tools you will have every chance to improve sales.

04. Integration

Looking to connect to digital marketing, warehousing, stock-control, couriers… even more intricate integration can be achieved.

SEO… be careful, there’s so much nonsense said about SEO.

SEO agencies have, it has to be said, been the plague of the web for many years now. Google itself keeps needing to re-adjust its algorithms to prevent bad-practice from those who persist in trying to ‘trick’ Google into improving rankings.

Now many SEO agencies are all about ‘service’ and ‘content’ when it’s them in the first place who’ve caused many of the issues we all experience.

The reality is is that it takes time and care to improve your site rankings and this is where ACTISmedia can help you.
Our Services

4. SEO, CRO, and Google Adwords

This is where we shine.

Many businesses make all kinds of claims about rankings… “we’ll get you to number one in Google.“ Really!

Competition is severe on Google. All optimisation needs to be done carefully and requires patience. We provide a hand-help service to improve how both search engines and visitors view your content.

If your site is not correctly optimised and conversions are not being monitored and tested, then Google Awords is going to be costly and perhaps a waste of time.

Speak to us about how we can help you make the most of the web. We understand statistics and visitor behaviour… perhaps it’s time to put your trust in an agency who can guide you to improving the numbers.

01. What do you know about visitor behaviour?

02. What does Google and Bing really think of your site and content?

03. That eureka moment when you realise it’s about conversions!

04. Are you getting enough of the right visitors?

How do you get your voice heard?

How do you reach potential customers? So many opportunities are missed with poorly managed digital marketing. We help you pick & mix the right service for you… from email marketing through to understanding what products sell well and when. It’s crucial to get this right otherwise a business will have a monthly spend on SEO, marketing and Adwords without really understanding what’s happening, worse still without a noticeable improvement in sales or enquiries.

ACTISmedia can help with your email marketing (yes, this is still the number one method of interrupt marketing), with your social media content and publishing (proof reading too!), analytics, business intelligence and more.

Publishing content is fairly straight-forward. What isn’t so easy is planning what to say, how, and when. This requires planning and the right know-how to ensure it happens. We have devised our own system to make small improvements across the board to ensure you have the best chance of reaching more customers.
Our Services

4. Digital Marketing and training

We like to help each organisation build their own set of tools to either manage the marketing themselves or to work with us to manage campaigns, to make you visible across the web.

So much “stuff and nonsense“ is said about marketing. But one thing is clear, to be heard takes good research and careful planning. We train our clients to understand what is needed. We really can help you improve your sales and increase the number of quality enquiries.

01. Email marketing

Done well email marketing is effective and is a great way for your customers to understand more about what you do and what you offer. With the proper tools you’ll be surprised how this can work for you.

02. Social media

Social media is important – no matter what your business or organisation. You need your voice to be where your potential customers or service users are… and your website isn’t normally where these people are, social media is!

03. Analytics

Understanding customer behaviour on your site and on the web in general is key to informing your content, marketing, and how your website is structured. We can improve this for you – you don’t need to have a site created by us to benefit from how we can improve your online presence!

04. Integration and training

We can help digital marketing become automated and an integral part of the weekly routine. If you have sales people just think about how their monthly figures can be improved with effective training to reach potential customers.

Integration with all things web

Our Services

5. Bespoke database tools and programming

From couriers to CRMs, from powerful and speedy search facilities to online resources.

Most websites have special – perhaps unique – requirements and we respond to that by selecting and developing software to suit. If it’s quicker and cheaper to use an off-the shelf tool or component, and it meets your requirements, we do that. If not, we create whatever is needed.

Sometimes it’s quicker and cheaper to write a specific system than to adapt off-the-shelf components.

Many of the websites we have produced include some of our own software. Melchior Telematics also has its own CMS toolset, written in-house, which includes features specific to the needs of its church/charity client base.

01. Powerful search

When a website has thousands of resources a powerful and effective search is needed. We are specialists in this area and can help you deliver content to your customers efficiently.

02. Database tools

If you collect info. but don’t manage it well or need to be able to query it then we can help you.

03. Integration

We can help integrate your website with various software from accounting to warehousing.

04. Fixing

If you’re stuck with a website or software that just doesn’t work the way you want it to, we can help.

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