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How to be seen and heard in a crowded web world.

Why choose ACTISmedia for your SEO?

Answer… experience. Members of our team have been creating websites since 1994. We’ve seen a wide range of e-commerce solutions come and go, and there’s one conclusion to draw… our customers need more than just a website, they need an online shop that works. Simple.

ACTISmedia focus on helping organisations make the most of the web. We have five goals for you, to;

  1. optimise key content for search engines (SEO)

  2. optimise content for visitors

  3. manage Google Adwords campaign

  4. manage an email and social media campaign

  5. recommend ongoing conversion improvements

We make this possible by assessing your current website, reviewing analytics, revamping and testing content. Why does it need to be any more complicated?

Want to engage your customers?

Then you need a great website, one that’s easy to keep-to-date with incentives and key promotions. Mix this with effective email marketing and a tight SEO & Adwords campaign, then your e-Commerce site will surely help you grow.
Our Services

In most cases our SEO work would include…

We would likely propose the following work to be carried out, each step will help toward improving organic search visibility. We have highlighted five stages;

  1. Initial Search Engine Optimisation

  2. Assessing analytics and reworking ‘hot services’ content

  3. Reviewing and taking full control of the Google Adwords campaign

  4. A weekly email and Social Media campaign

  5. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), every 3 months we will review performance and suggest improvements to the website, email, and social media.

Before any of stages 3-5 can be properly managed, it is our opinion that both stages 1 & 2 need to be completed first. If not, then time and money will be wasted on marketing which may not be focused correctly. It is far better to review all analytics and make onsite improvements.

Next, we can progress to stage 3 which will require an initial assessment and a plan (without a plan it’s a futile exercise). Once enacted, the plan will be assessed and tweaked monthly. If it’s not working then we will say so and recommend a better course of action.

Stage 4 & 5 are of course optional, but we can help you actively promote your “hot services” via email and Social Media. We have our own email service (complete with email server) to manage campaigns effectively (with all required data to track activity). We can also help with content writing or disseminating content across varying Social Media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Stage 5 – before beginning your CRO campaign, one of the most important things to note is that there’s no definitive list of elements that should or should not be tested. We will create a testing plan created for your own website must therefore be unique: it will depend on where the key issues have been found across your site and the impact they have on visitor pathways through it.

For this we have developed six steps which aid us to set up an appropriate framework giving both ourselves a clear road map and something you can review.

How Much Shoppers Around The World Are Spending Online

With more customers around the world doing their shopping online it is increasingly crucial for businesses to have an online presence to reach a lucrative global customer base.

Online businesses are able to benefit from the capabilities to access customer data and see in-depth buying habits to demographic data that can be valuable for optimising sales as well as increasing customer acquisition and retention.
Our Services

First things first, stages 1 & 2

Wondering what work we will actually do when we say onsite SEO?

Did you know that Google’s algorithms rely on 200 unique signals to rank content. Trying to cater to each and every one of these signals is next to impossible, and most of them are out of your control. What you do have full control over are the on-page signals Google looks for when crawling your content.

We have developed a closely guarded checklist (with 77 elements) of the best and worst practices for SEO, all which may positively or negatively effect your ranking within (mostly) Google and some for Bing and Yahoo. In a nutshell stages 1 & 2 will include;

  • Current SEO score and assessment and then fixing/improving (there are in excess of 40 pages on your website, we will therefore focus on the ‘hot services’ and home page to begin with, otherwise this will prove a costs task

  • Google Analytics

  • Your chosen ‘hot services’ (we suggest 2-3 for the Individual and the Organisation) and reworking the text and imagery to focus on speed of understanding what each page is about… Google needs to know quickly and so do your visitors (what an impatient world!).

We will provide a checklist to you so you can clearly see what you have spent your money on. We do like to be transparent. Then we would like to move to stage 3.

Will you be found when searched for?

Being found organically takes time. Google Adwords works very well – if and only if it is managed well.

Our Services

Stage 3 – Managing an effective Google Adwords campaign

One of the most important things I learned with Adwords is that every successful advertiser sets up and manages AdWords campaigns with a checklist. Think of it like baking a cake from a recipe. You need a list of the key ingredients and a step-by-step process for how you’ll carefully mix those ingredients to create a delicious cake. I’m sure you know what happens if you try to wing it while baking. Well, the same is true with AdWords.

If you choose ACTISmedia to manage your Adwords campaign, here are the ingredients we’ll use;

Ingredient #1: Customer Demand, are people searching for your services?

Ingredient #2: Mathematics – Answer this question “Can I afford to advertise on this keyword?”

Ingredient #3: Competitor Intelligence – review their websites to ensure you’re not using the wrong keywords and phrases

Ingredient #4: Powerful USP, give a compelling reason to choose you

Ingredient #5: Irresistible Offer in your ads and repel the wrong visitor

Ingredient #7: Congruent Landing Pages, don’t waste your visitors’ time

Ingredient #8: Conversion Tracking

Ingredient #9: AdWords Settings for Success – make sure it’s all set-up properly

Ingredient #10: Continual optimisation

We assure you, we’ll work carefully with you to help you understand what is happening and to provide insights as to why (although, it’s not always possible of course!). We will need to assess the current campaign, working through some of the ingredients above. We want to help your cake to rise properly and it is found to be that your cake is flat and stodgy then we can help to correct this.

All things email and social

Our Services

Stage 4 – Email and Social Media campaigns

We do a lot of emailing. Why? Because it works. We get key business this way. We use email for our customers too. If done properly then this can be a source of;

• Low hanging fruit enquiries
• A means to continually talk to your customers
• A means to keep ‘drip feeding’ possible customers with information about your services
• A way to ask questions, using focused surveys and carefully created landing pages
• To capture email addresses and segment people who enquire from your website
• It’s a good way to test your content – with clear Calls to Action in an email it’s easier to assess if you’re content is what people want
• Keep your contacts up-t0-date
• This is the ideal reason to keep content fresh, creating new content is a key search results ranking
requirement for Google
• Reaching out is key to keeping enquiries coming in, one cannot merely rely on Adwords.

We can help you design the layout of an email and create it’s partner landing page. We also clean-up email lists, ensuring they contain no ‘spam traps’ or issues which could create problems.

Overall, email does work, and over time can be an effective means to increase the number of enquiries. But again, it all requires content to be good.

(The tasks performed include;

Month one: set-up of email template design, testing, plus set-up of campaign on email server and scheduling for a chosen time. The email will then be sent twice per month. This includes cleaning the email list you provide to us to ensure it contains no spam.

Following months: using the same template but changing the text/images we will schedule 2 sends per month.

Social Media – we will set-up a LinkedIn and Facebook business profile page, plus create a blog on your website. We can then create a monthly blog and disseminate this across Social Media.)

Conversion. Engaging. More Enquiries. More sales.

Our Services

Stage 5 – CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

This is where we recommend testing and improvements to your website, email and social media campaigns. All in a bid to increase the number and quality of enquiries.

We would complete a quarterly assessment. We do charge for this, but it is important. This assessment forms the basis and reasoning for our recommendations. To help with budgets, we propose the following;

• An assessment each quarter with recommendations (with clear tasks)
• To carry out agreed tasks to an agreed cost (this could be an agreed fee from the beginning to we all know where we stand)
• Google Analytics – assess changes for results: are the changes working?

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