ACTISmedia for ecommerce

Excellent design means customer engagement

We pride ourselves on presenting your products in the best possible light, with great looking ecommerce websites which are very easy to use and quick!

Members of our team have been designing and developing websites since 1994. This in the world of web means a lot of experience. We naturally understand about the user experience, ensuring usability foremost to ensure your business message clearly comes across as intended.

ACTISmedia for ecommerce

Reliable, powerful, scalable platforms on fully managed 24/7/365 hosting.

We use Magento and WordPress (WooCommerce) for our ecommerce shops. Both a extremely capable platforms for delivering effective ecommerce.

Both systems use the same programming languages – both are scalable, both perform very well – if you know what you’re doing. We believe we have the right offering and experience to choose the right platform and to keep your costs down.

Both are hosted on unique fully managed services, complete with additional security measures, and speed enhancement. We have 24/7/365 support for all our websites, furthermore, each and every site is automatically backed-up (60 days worth in fact) – this means should we have any problems, your entire website is contained within one zip file ready to be moved elsewhere thereby reducing service interruption.

ACTISmedia for ecommerce

Powerful and effective onsite marketing tools.

A website with key customer marketing tools is essential (from abandoned cart to intelligent voucher systems).

Customer history, quick checkout, one-click checkout, review for discounts, surveys, down payments, subscriptions and private content, membership, name your price, gift cards, recently viewed products, points & reward schemes, featured videos for products, share for discounts, size charts, affiliate marketing, recover abandoned cart, product bundles, voucher email systems, product comparisons, customer order status, dynamic pricing & discounts, questions & answers, live chat, product countdown, powerful searches, product carousel, smart product filters, save for later, frequently bought together, multi-vendor ecommerce, social login, waiting list, request a quote, quick view, wishlists, review reminders, cart messages, order tracking, advanced reviews, newsletter campaigns, bookings, customers can choose their own delivery dates, countdowns… and more!

ACTISmedia for ecommerce

Business Intelligence

Would you like to understand more about your competitors? To know what they are selling, when, for how much, and quantities? We can help you to know when to send those all important emails, when to make posts on Social Media and to help with the message. This kind of Business Intelligence is normally reserved for very large businesses, but now through ACTIS it’s available to SME’s. This is truly a unique service!

ACTISmedia has access to LIVE data from both eBay and Amazon. Together with Google Trends and your own analytics, we can provide key research which highlights key areas for immediate growth.

Knowing whom to target, when and with what is obviously key. Now use this information on one of our ecommerce websites together with our email marketing and large bank of ecommerce features, then we can start to help your business increase sales across the board.

ACTISmedia for ecommerce

Digital marketing for ecommerce

Integrating your ecommerce website with effective digital marketing means regular and reliable communication with your customers, and it saves time (it also ensures it actually happens!).

We can help you with your email marketing, social media, Google shopping campaigns and more. All of what we do is based upon what is happening on your site and with potential competitors, so we set in motion marketing which increases the percentage of engagement across the board.

This means your customers can see you and can get to know more about you. Your website will no longer be stuck behind a large wall!