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We create outstanding customer experiences on desktop, mobile, tablet, and beyond, All you need to create, promote, and manage a successful website.

We help transform the barriers you have to enabling you to run engaging shopping experiences that will help to transform your sales. Built for rapid innovation, combining rich functionality with powerful business tools to keep you ahead of increasingly complex commerce operations and growing customer demands.

Why choose ACTISmedia
for your e-commerce?

Answer… experience. Members of our team have been creating websites since 1994. We’ve seen a wide range of e-commerce solutions come and go, and there’s one conclusion to draw… our customers need more than just a website, they need an online shop that works. Simple.

Rather than keep creating bespoke CMS and e-commerce systems we’ve focused on Open Source solutions, including Magento and WordPress (WooCommerce). Why? Because they work, and they work very well indeed.


01. Reliable… it works!

Open Source means key elements work and are constantly developed by our team and the web community. You are NOT beholden to your web agency… you can take your site with you.

02. Easy to use

Very easy to use CMS means managing your online shop is straight forward. No need to keep asking… “if only I could have this or that“. We provide full ongoing training too.

03. Lowers costs

Using Open Source solutions lowers our costs and therefore lowers your costs. It’s also pretty much guaranteed that you’ll have more tools and features this way too.

04. Spend more money and time on what matters

Instead of sinking the bulk of your money into the website you can look to marketing expenditure which is what is going to get you the sales.

Want to engage your customers?

Then you need a great website, one that’s easy to keep-to-date with incentives and key promotions. Mix this with effective email marketing and a tight SEO & Adwords campaign, then your e-Commerce site will surely help you grow.
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2. Superb features to engage your customers

Boost sales with a rich commerce platform that enables personalised content, fast checkouts, and seamless shopper experiences across multiple devices anywhere, anytime.

01. Personalised content

Present personalized content, promotions, products, and pricing based on customer profiles, online behavior, and purchase history.

02. Streamlined checkout

Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion with an optimized 2-step checkout process.

03. Better merchandising

Improve product merchandising with multiple images, rich video, swatches, product recommendations, ratings, and reviews.

04. Built in responsive design

Our sites sell on smart-phones, tablets, and desktops. Deliver integrated shopping experiences across any device or touchpoint in half the time using our built-in themes.

Year on year, UK online spending is increasing.

Actual in-store spending is declining while e-Commerce spending is going up, year on year.

Here’s some e-Commerce figures you may find interesting…

Fashion spending has gone up from £184969m in 2016 to more than £20558.14m in 2017.

Electronics & media spending has gone up from £18980.74m in 2016 to £20,492.31m is 2017.

Furniture % Appliances spending has gone up from £8669.86m in 2016 to £9676.30m in 2017.
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3. Customer loyalty solutions

Improve shopper engagement on your site, incentivise repeat purchases, and reward your high-value customers to build loyalty.

01. Reward Points

Drive customer engagement by offering rewards for activities such as registrations, product reviews, and new customer referrals.

02. Wishlists

Bring new shoppers to your site to purchase from gift registries and wish lists to help boost sales.

03. Gift vouchers

Offer a convenient gift option that can increase sales and encourage repeat purchases.

04. B2B and B2B purchasing, ideal for bulk purchasing

Simplify the purchase process by enabling recurring and bulk ordering for B2B wholesale and manufacturing buyers—a ‘must have’.

Business Productivity… make the most of your online shop

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4. Business Productivity

Control all your commerce operations more efficiently, and without IT support, using modern, easy-to-learn, and agile back-office business tools.

01. Easy to use administration

Boost productivity with an intuitive Admin dashboard that makes it easy to manage day-to-day site and business tasks for multiple sites.

02. Reporting & Analytics

Optional insights to improve business operations with built-in reporting and support for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

03. Superb Integration

Use our experience to connect your online shop to back-office processes and warehousing.

04. Order Management

Get everything you need to efficiently process payments and orders.

Integration with all things web

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5. Bespoke database tools and programming

From couriers to CRMs, from powerful and speedy search facilities to online resources.

Most websites have special – perhaps unique – requirements and we respond to that by selecting and developing software to suit. If it’s quicker and cheaper to use an off-the shelf tool or component, and it meets your requirements, we do that. If not, we create whatever is needed.

Sometimes it’s quicker and cheaper to write a specific system than to adapt off-the-shelf components.

Many of the websites we have produced include some of our own software. Melchior Telematics also has its own CMS toolset, written in-house, which includes features specific to the needs of its church/charity client base.

01. Powerful search

When a website has thousands of resources a powerful and effective search is needed. We are specialists in this area and can help you deliver content to your customers efficiently.

02. Database tools

If you collect info. but don’t manage it well or need to be able to query it then we can help you.

03. Integration

We can help integrate your website with various software from accounting to warehousing.

04. Fixing

If you’re stuck with a website or software that just doesn’t work the way you want it to, we can help.

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