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We are WordPress, e-Commerce (WooCommerce) & SEO Conversion Specialists. We serve businesses, organisations and The Church.

London’s Tower 42

ACTIS were commissioned to design the new Concierge Collection London Website for Tower 42
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Golfzon. the world’s No. 1 golf simulator

We were asked to created the multi-billion pound organisation Golfzon’s website for the UK.
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LazerLamps e-Commerce

B2C & B2B UK ec-ommerce using Magento, complete integrated fulfillment.
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Skills coach hire & holidays

One of the largest Coach Hire & Holiday companies came to us to improve their online presence.
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e-Commerce for women’s assessories

We were asked by CherryAmore Women’s Accessories to create a cutting-edge e-Commerce website.
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e-Commerce for the legendary London Abuze London

Minimal and beautifully created e-Commerce.
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elegant furniture e-Commerce

We were asked by Nobis to create their furniture e-Commerce website
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Church of England and SPCK Education

We were asked by SPCK to create their education resources website.
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Bearing Traders – a leading UK engineering company

A hybrid services, catalogue, and e-Commerce website.
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Serra & Speller – property maintenance

S & S came to ACTISmedia for their website and photography.
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Awesome mobile ready website design

Over 20 years creating both Mobile and Google AMP ready websites and e-commerce solutions. Now that’s a hard record to beat.
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Frustrated with your web agency?

Discover a better way

When we opened in the 90s, the web barely existed. There were only around 10,000 websites in total, Google was still a few years away, and most people accessed the web using slow modems.
Two decades later, we continue to develop cutting-edge projects, using WordPress and WooCommerce, with careful planning, creative design, effective marketing, teaching our clients, testing & continual improvement. There is a better way, the ACTIS way.

No more WordPress or WooCommerce headaches

We are WordPress and WooCommerce specialists. 25% of the world’s websites are made using this seriously powerful platform, sadly, there are many ‘designers’ and web agencies who simply do not have the technical know-how to make proper use of this brilliant tool.No long term contracts! Just support when you need it.

If you have a problem then simply submit a ticket and well look into it for you within 24 hours! Our prices are extremely good too!
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Wordpress Website Design

We create beautiful user experiences which will engage your audience.

e-Commerce using WooCommerce

We know e-Commerce very well and using WooCommerce as our main shopping cart enables us to create excellent shopping websites.


It’s all about conversions. We thoroughly audit every site and improve visibility and conversions.

Bespoke Development

Bespoke technical solutions where standard ones aren’t good enough.

All our work is UK based

So many agencies send work overseas: we do not. We are proud to say ALL our work is completed in Nottingham. With two web agencies working closely together in a long-established relationship, ACTISmedia and Melchior have the experience, flexibility, and resources to deliver your project.

Our projects reach

People on the move

Understanding where your audience is and which devices they use is key to being able to reach and engage. All our websites cater for mobile devices… which means we need to understand how people behave on PCs, tablets and mobiles.


Our service

Is unique

Unique? Yes, absolutely! All our work is based upon Business Intelligence using our own system of Marginal Aggregate Improvement’. We take your content and ensure it is effectively promoted and managed across multiple channels.

We use LIVE data from eBay, Amazon, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, and Email Marketing to establish trends, what is sold, for how much, when, and by whom. This knowledge informs content & user experience, marketing, and purchasing decisions.

We provide a fully-managed marketing service or a hybrid where we train you to make the most of the web.




LIVE data from eBay & Amazon provides information on pricing, sales volumes, timings, and more. This is an exclusive service.



Still an effective means to keep in touch with customers. Reach thousands regularly with your own direct message.



Social Media truly works. Our campaigns help you manage frequent and regular updates to engage with your customers where they are.



Big Data is key. Accessing and correctly interpreting analytics is key. Setting up the right metrics in the first place is paramount.

Do you want to attract more customers?

Then just make it better

We take a sad WordPress and WooCommerce website and make it better. And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude… need we labour the point?

We would love the opportunity to talk to you about your aims… and we’ll help you find a way to achieve them. Simples.


Engage ACTISmedia and

Expect growth

Work with us from the beginning to plan, research, set goals, create your website, and forge ahead with digital marketing, then you’ll be set to reach a wider audience… the rest is then up to you to do what you’re good at… running your own organisation.

In depth analytics to understand customer behaviour

LIVE eBay and Amazon data at our fingertips – make informed decisions

Fully managed Google AdWords – control your expenditure

Effective Facebook Advertising & Insights – actually make Social Media work!

* Only if you follow the ACTIS way.

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We would welcome a conversation. Within a short time we will both know whether we can help you and whether we’re the right fit. We work with clients from all over the UK, including London, Suffolk, Liverpool, Nottingham, Peterborough and York.

We’re here to help.

From an initial chat about what you would like to do to an in-depth reassessment. Or it may be that you wish to increase the number of enquiries but are unsure about how best to achieve this. We take our time to fully assess your needs, and whether it’s a short-term trial or a plan to completely re-assess your work we can help.

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